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About Tuxedos - Best Style For My Body Type

Like any other type of clothing, some styles will naturally look better on some people than others. Most of the time it is dependent on your body structure and size.

There are different lapel styles, coat lengths, coat colors, silhouettes and button counts, plus many other variations of style.

Below is a guide on what may look best on your particular body type.

Short, Smaller Frame Grooms:

If this best describes your body type, you should try a single-breasted jacket with long lines, a low button stance, which elongates the body, and wide peak lapels. In contrast, you can also try a cropped jacket, which sometimes elongates the body of a shorter man.

If you want something with a little more flair, you could try wearing a double-breasted tuxedo jacket or finely patterned vest and tie.

Selecting the right pant style is important as well. A reverse double-pleated pant leg should always break slightly on top of the shoe and angle a bit downward in the back. Pants that are too short will make you appear even shorter, and will direct the eye downward.

Short, Larger Frame Grooms:

If you have more of an athletic or muscular body type, you will probably look best in a tuxedo jacket with a slim shawl collar. The top button should fall at the small of the waist to give your upper body a slimmer appearance.

Also, choose jackets with a natural shoulder line and avoid the more broad European styles. Don't wear anything with an accentuated shoulder. It will only make you appear wider on top.

When choosing pants, reverse double-pleated trousers with pleats extending toward the pockets will probably give you the best comfort and style. Pants should extend as low as possible on the foot, angled slightly in the back to elongate the leg. Be sure to avoid too much of a break on the foot, otherwise the pant will look sloppy.

Tall, Bigger Frame Grooms:

Men with broad shoulders and muscular frames look best in shawl collar tuxedos or double breasted jackets.

Make sure the jacket length reaches to the tips of your fingers when you are in a nice relaxed stance. Also, your shirt cuffs should extend at least one half inch beyond the jacket sleeve. This will give your body a longer, leaner look.

Again, make sure you are comfortable in the jacket. It should not feel restrictive or pull anywhere under the arms, front or back.

If you have a large neck and wider face, you should avoid ties that are very narrow or wing tip collars that look constrictive. The better choice for you would be to choose a lay-down collar and a fuller bow tie.

Again, pants should have a small break slightly on top of the shoe and angle a bit downward in the back. And do make sure the pant leg has ample room for comfort.

Tall, Slender Grooms:

If this is your body type you have many styles to choose from. Fortunately, you will look good in just about every tuxedo style. However, an especially good choice is a double-breasted tuxedo with slightly broad shoulders and a suppressed waist.

Jacket buttons, which are higher up on the waistline, are a good choice and a high shoulder line is better than a natural one.

The tuxedo should fit you well, with no pulling or binding. It should feel comfortable but fitted, enabling the suit to follow the lines of the body. The pants should have a higher-rise with a bit more of a break in the pant.

If you want to add some more accessories to your tux, you can add vests, ties, and cummerbunds in a variety of colors and designs.

Tuxedo rental, formal wear, tuxedo